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The BCSTubemill Module I is a spreadsheet application that is based on a series of individual roll masters. There are separate programs for each roll profile used within the system. For example, there are programs for "W"shaped forming rolls, modified edgeform rolls, centerline forming rolls, single radius fin pass, 2 radius fin pass, squaring rolls, etc. The operator creates a mill set up by inserting the roll masters in the order they are to be used in the tubemill. The operator then enters design criteria to develope the progressive flower and sizing reduction progression. This design can be generic in nature so the mill set up developed can be utilized for most any given tube size run on the selected tubemill. Once a mill set up is created for a particular mill, the operator simply changes the tube size, gag and any other product variables and re-processes the program.

The system produces all displays as DXFCADfiles which can be imported into any external CADsystem. You can select either English or Metric Input/Output formats. The tubemill system is usually customized to generate the drawings similar to your current drawing style. The system includes over 30 master roll programs and several mill set ups to use as samples. Reshaping squares and rectangles is included in the system and special re-shaping profiles can be added.

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