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The BCS Rollform Module I is a quick and easy method of generating roll drawings for the production of rollform profiles. The system utilizes a spreadsheet approach that allows the operator a simple means of entering data into the system. There are three basic operations within the system -

1) Entering finished product information. - Entering the finished product description can be completed by either entering the proper data (number of bends, bend angles, bend radii and segment lengths) or you can import a DXF CAD file of the finished part. The finished product spreadsheet page has a series of columns that equal the number of bends in the part and a row for each of the following - bend angle, segment length, bend radii, bend K factor and the bend type.

2) Generating the progressive flower - The progressive flower spreadsheet page has a column for each bend of the part and a series of rows equaling the number of passes being utilized. The operator simply enters the amount of work ( the current angle of bend) for each bend at each pass and the system automatically calculates the bend allowances and generates the progressive flower. The operator can cycle the system to view the flower and return to the spreadsheet as often as desired until the proper results are accomplished.

3) Generating the finished roll drawings. - Once the operator is satisfied with the progressive flower he can generate the rolls around the individual pass section drawings. The system utilizes a series of "ROLLHUBS" to generate the completed roll drawings. The operator selects the HUBTYPE for each side of each pass and the system adds the hubs to the profile section itself to generate the completely dimensioned roll drawing.


Automatic strip width calculation
Metric/English operation
Fully dimensioned roll drawings 
     (5 different styles)
DXF&HPGLfile creation
Exploded view drawings
Spacer drawings
Roll/Spacer cutting list
Convergence angle chart
(4) Different bend types
Neutral axis position selection 
Reverse bend capability
Symmetrical part operation
Roll split selection
Internal relief line creation
Roll cost estimating

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