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Since 1988, Baran Southwest has developed software programs for the Tubemill & Rollform industries. These programs automate the design and manufacturing process of the tooling used to produce metal tubing and metal rollformed shapes. The software programs are written in our own CAD/CAM language. This language has been developed over the past thirteen years with the rollform and tubemill industries in mind. Automatic routines were developed specifically to assist in generating dimensioned roll drawings and manufacturing NC code for the necessary lathe applications. The systems run totally independent of any standard CAD system. The Baran Southwest programs generate DXF CAD format files that can be imported into most external CAD or CAM systems. Because the operator can easily split the vertical rollform rolls into individual roll pieces, the system can automatically generate separate DXF files for these individual roll pieces, thus simplifying the complete design and manufacturing process. Please access our standard and custom programs by selecting the appropriate buttons on the left and make sure that you download a copy of our current demos.

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